Japanese Words and What They Mean in ENglish

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I came across a great list of Japanese words vs English words today. Or maybe it is better to explain it as “this means what”. Anyways, check out the link below and you will see what I mean.


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A New Platform to Learn Japanese Phrases: Games

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When you think about learning Japanese, what comes to mind? Sitting in a classroom? Reading a textbook? Maybe reviewing a stack of flash cards or writing out kanji? Whatever the image, I am guessing it isn’t playing video games (this isn’t the image that I come up with either).

However, as it turns out online gaming gives you a chance to speak with native Japanese speakers and a chance to learn a lot of new Japanese words and Japanese phrases.

The great thing is that you already know you have something in common and if you are talking to help each other in the game then it works out great. Best of all it won’t seem like studying.

click the link below to read more on learning Japanese using games and proper etiquette:

Japanese words

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Why You Should Learn Japanese Phrases

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Until you can actually start making basic conversation in Japanese, learning may seem a lot like work. You study Japanese words, grammar, the writing system, and pronunciation. And at the end it feels like you are just taking another class with lots of homework. Well, there is one thing you can do to help you start speaking Japanese sooner. Learn the most common Japanese phrases.

The reason that learning the most common Japanese phrases is so important, is that you will use many of them again and again. It’s true that in order to express complex ideas you will need to understand many Japanese words and grammatical structures. However, most basic conversation can be done with common set phrases.

The questions and answers in basic conversations are usually set. If you hear a certain question, you will usually give the same answer and respond with the same set of questions. Understanding this will help you respond quicker and more fluently.

For example:

  • 1. konnichiha (hi/good afternoon)
  • 2. Konnichiha (hi/good afternoon)
  • 1. Genki desu ka? (how are you?)
  • 2. Genki desu. Genki? (good, how are you?/ Are you good?)
  • 1. Hai, Genki. (yes, I am good)

While the above conversation may seem very simple, it is very common. In most cases you will use these phrases several times a day (if you are living in Japan). BY studying the most common phrases and how to use them you will start being able to communicate in Japanese faster. And that is what it is all about.

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